My Quilting Experience

Hello! Today's post is one that I've been meaning to write up for ages but just haven't gotten around to doing... Until now ☺ To start off with, I'm not 100% sure that what I've made technically counts as a quilt (there's nothing in between the front and back) but chances are, it's as close as I'm going to get.

Making a quilt was never something that I'd been itching to do, in fact, it was almost something I didn't want to do. That being said I'd slowly been accumulating fabric scraps, so when the idea for a patchwork quilt struck, I didn't see a reason not to start the project. 

I planned out a rough idea of what I wanted then started. Skipping the part of the process where I find a pattern, read it through and follow it word for word. Looking back, that probably wasn't the best move. Anyway, I cut out all the squares, making sure they were the same size, laid all the pieces out on the floor- arranged in the right order - then began sewing. Making a conscious effort to get all the seams to line up as I stitched all the squares together ☺ .

So when I planned the quilt I only really thought about the front but, obviously, it needed a back as well. I never intended to put batting in the middle, yet I still wanted the quilt to provide a bit of warmth. I'm still not sure why, but at the time I thought a polar fleece backing would be practical?? I managed to stitch it on, then start "stitching in the ditch" around all the squares. By this point the fleece has stretched awkwardly, was looking extremely distorted and was an absolute pain to sew. 

Deciding I didn't want to waste all the squares that I'd joined together I decided to unpick all of the stitching around/on the fleece. It took forever. Then I left the quilt (what there was of it) stuffed in a bag for a lengthy period of time because it was such an annoying project. 

When I finally got the quilt out of the bag again I decided I just wanted to finish it off quickly and simply. Hence I chose an easy to work with, pink, cotton fabric as a border and a pale pink sheet for the back. Even sewing these together was a challenge, due to the vast amounts of fabric that were there to work with. I'd never appreciated how much juggling was required to hold the weight of the fabric (so it didn't kill the tension on the sewing machine) as well as how hard it is to juggle and sew in a straight line. In the end I decided against stitching in the ditch for the quilt, purely because of how hard it would've been. 

Looking back I think that despite the struggle making the quilt was a good experience. It taught me a lot about working with a lot of fabric, as well as how to deal with stretch fabric. I'm not sure I'll be in a rush to make another quilt but maybe one day...

Katie XO