Stuff I've Learnt About Blog Design

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So you might've noticed that I changed my blog design... Again... I still haven't completely finished fiddling with my design but it's definitely getting there and with all the changing things up, I like to think that I've learnt a lot about blog design. All the coding and graphics on ZZ&H have been done by me with a whole lot of Googling and throughout the process there's some key things that I've learnt, so here's the five things I wish I'd known before I started:
  1. Backup the blog template- hahaaa, so pretty much any coding tutorial will tell you to do this first and if you're anything like me, there's times when you think "I'm not doing much to the template, it'll be fine!" That's not always the case and it's really annoying when you're trying to fix something because you didn't take ten seconds to backup your template! Hence, my number one piece of advice is to back up your template any time you've fixed/added something, that way you're not going to end up having to redoing everything (although it's much quicker the second time around, speaking from experience!) 
  2. Plan...Plan...Plan...- I tend to like to just get started with things, I mean, I'll choose some colours, maybe form a rough idea in my head of what I want but other than that, planning sorta gets overlooked and I've come to realise what a big mistake that is. I've also realised that I've wasted more time changing things because I didn't have a plan, than the time it would've taken to plan. When I started out playing around with the design of my blog I was hesitant to plan, purely because I didn't know what could be done. But now, I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that if you Google things enough, look at the right resources and take the time to learn some basic coding, that almost anything's possible and if it's not, chances are there's a way-around. This leads me onto my next point...
  3. If you find a good article...Save it!!- This one might sound like common sense, but it's another one that I often overlook. Picture this, you're browsing and just so happen to stumble across an amazing tutorial on how to add a navigation bar to your blog, but you don't have time to add it right then and there. So you go to bookmark the page, hesitating, you decide not to hit save because you think it'll be a piece of cake to find the article again (how was that for imagery ☺). I can almost guarantee that unless you have a perfect memory, that they'll be a time that this'll happen and you won't be able to find the article. Which is why I'd highly recommend starting a Pinterest board dedicated to all your "To-Do Projects".
  4. Talking of good articles... Here's some sites to get you started-    
      • W3Schools- This one has a reference guide for literally everything and it's even got pages where you test out your code. 
      • XOMISSE- This is probably one of my favourite blog design sites because the guides are ridiculously easy to follow and it's introduced me to a whole world of things I didn't even think about customising on my blog. To name a few, my navigation bar, social media icons, read more links and a plethora of other stuff are all down to this amazing site.
      • Code it Pretty- I've only recently discovered this one but it's been great so far. There's a diverse range of tutorials and like XOMISSE some of them are things that you just wouldn't have thought of.
  5. It takes time- Now I never expected the design of my blog to be an overnight process, but I don't think I fully realised how long it'd take. I'm not going to deny that I might've extended the process a bit with my indecisiveness and lack of planning but actually getting things to work the way you wanted them can be a really time consuming process. That being said, once you've figured something out it's worth it and there's something nice about being one step closer to your desired design.
So there's the five things I wish I'd know prior to doing anything to my blog design. Hopefully this post's been somewhat helpful and hasn't put you off designing/redesigning your blog!! 

Alsooo, something I've discovered and been waiting to try out is the whole "Tweetable Links" thing so what better way to do so than include a random inspirational quote :) Let me know if it works (or doesn't!) 
Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.  -Warren Buffet #qotd @zzandh

Thanks for reading!!

Katie XO