Revisiting the Resolutions

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Recently I've been seeing a lot of blog posts of people revisiting their new years resolutions and it got me thinking about mine. If you read this post, where I said that I wasn't going to set any NY resolutions and was instead going to have blogging goals then you'll know that I said there were three main things I wanted to work on. Planning. Photography. & having different series on my blog. Since these are still goals that I want to attain I thought I'd see if I've made any progress, has anything improved? Also, bit of a side note, the title was for alliteration. I mentioned it before but I made goals, not really resolutions... Now that I think about it I guess they're kind of similar... Anyway!!-

So first- planning, I said I'd plan all posts a month in advance. For maybe January, February and possibly March this happened. It just kinda trailed off and so did my posting schedule. But then I fixed it. Sort of. :) So I guess technically I've made some progress with this goal, I mean, I post less but more time goes into each post, so really, it all balances out.
Next on the list was- photography, this ones hard. I never knew it could take so much forward planning to just take a - what I thought would be quick and easy - picture. Anyway I've discovered a whole bunch of free image sites so it's all good now! :) That being said I am still working on the photography and hopefully it'll become more of a focus of this blog at some point.
Last but not least series, I wanted to continue the ones I had going on ZZ&H. It happened at the start of the year. Then I decided I didn't want to keep them going. Well, not quite so frequently anyway. So I now have my "App of the Month" series once every few months. Title wise it doesn't really fit but, in terms of fitting with my new posting schedule, it works. 
So that's it. The three main things I wanted to improve in the blogging area. I'm sort of getting there but it's probably just as well there's still a while to go before the end of the year!! 
Did you set any NY's resolutions? How are they going? I'd love to know in the comments!!
Thanks for reading
Katie XO