Helloooo just before the start of this post I want to mention that due to not having wi-fi I couldn't post it sooner, however I actually wrote the post in 2015 and so the tense is written from that view. I like how the post came out so didn't change it! Also in case you're interested, I've put in photo's of what I originally wrote (it's practically the same!) so if you'd rather read my messy handwriting then feel free :)

Image Credit- Greg Rakozy (Unsplash)

2016 is right around the corner, now quite literally insight. It feels almost as though if you jumped too high, too far, that you could land in the new year. Despite it feeling as though it was only yesterday that I wrote my last post about my blogging goals for the new year that's what this post is going to be about, but you probably gathered that from the title. If you read that one then you probably know that I'm somewhat against new year's resolutions, however this year I've decided to follow the trend. These are going to be somewhat blogging orientated (ya know with this being on my blog!) and also just general things. Before I start here's your warning: some of them are fairly cliche!

1. Start blogging more
I warned you! Anyway I'm really pleased about the progress I've made on my blog this past year (let's just forget about the past few months...) and would really like to carry it through to the new year.
2. Use a planner... the whole year
Something I'm incredibly guilty of is buying a planner in late February/early March as that's when they're super discounted and since school starts in February I can usually get away with it! Anyway, I then use my planner up until about July, get a bit sloppy writing things down, realise I'm forgetting stuff/exams are starting and so I need to be organised, and then start using my planner again. Efficient, I know. Right about this time I also start utilising my to-do list since I find it essential if there's a lot going on. However, 2016 is going to be different. I've decided to use a small planner to record things as well as a small notebook to jot down my to do lists in a bid to be organised for the entirety of the new year. I'll let you know how I get on!
3. Keep my notes neat
This one's mainly school related however I'd also like to keep my planner neat. It's something I really want to work on as I always waste so much time rewriting my notes and so I want to start making them readable the first time around. This also means finding a good colour coding and note taking system so any tips would be greatly appreciated!

4. Do more with my time
This one's sort of related to a post I wrote a while ago, titled "Time..." Read that one for more of an idea as to where I'm coming from but for this resolution I want to do more things by doing what I do at the moment and more with increased efficiency. It's something I really want to work on in all aspects of my life including blogging and school. It's also something that I think will be a useful skill in the future and so I think it'll definitely be a skill worth building.

So there's my resolutions; all the things I'm striving towards in 2016. I'd love to know what you're New Years resolutions are or if you even have them so feel free to leave me a link to your post or just comment them down below!

Katie XO