An Attempt At Art

Recently I tried something a bit different, something I don't usually do. Painting. My mum wanted a canvas and so gave me a blank one, some paint, and said she'd hang it up no matter what the outcome. Needless to say there was a bit of pressure to make it look good because, well, what if it ended up looking absolutely abysmal and it still ended up on the wall? Anyway, I decided to go down what I thought would be a fail-safe route since art has never been my strong point. A way which would involve more geometry than art, I guess you could almost call my method cheating! Anyway, I ended up with a canvas that didn't look overly atrocious, had a sort of arty look to it and took less than 2 hours to complete. Personally I think it was a definite a win and so I've decided to share how I made it on here.

  • Canvas- you can use whatever size you like but in case you're interested mine was 16 x 18 inches
  • Paint- it depends on the size of your canvas but if yours is the same as mine and you don't want to run out of paint like I did :) then you'll need more than 12 mL in each colour. I don't think it really matters too much what type of paint you use (really showing my artistic knowledge here :)) but I went with acrylic.
  • Paintbrushes- preferably one that's a lot bigger than mine! It took forever. That being said it did leave a nice brushstroke-y effect.
  • Masking tape- any will do.
  • Ruler- I think this one's self-explanatory!
  • Black pen- ideally choose one which has a tip thick enough so you can just rule a line and that's it. This should save you a lot of faffing about!
  • Newspaper- I nearly forgot to put this one on the list but it's probably the most important! Line your surface and beyond with it to avoid any accidents.

Make a plan
Or feel free to follow mine! Your plan can be really basic as in just planning out the design and colours like I've done. If you look closely then you can see diamond designs on some of the rectangles, I decided to take these out and go for a more minimalist (i.e. risk free!) approach but if your feeling fancy then just be creative! You could make random shapes instead of rectangles or paint patterns in each section or even cover the sections with fabric, the options are endless!

Get out the masking tape and start sticking! Make sure you cover all the edges and then go a little bit further so it's easy to remove the tape. You then want to start painting. If you  want the brushstroke effect that I was talking about before (see close up below) then you want to use a small paint brush and a sparing amount of paint. You could just apply one coat like I did or you can build up the colour. Repeat this for all masking taped sections.

Remove the tape
Preferably carefully so you end up with nice crisp edges.

Start outlining
Wait for the paint to dry and then, using your black marker and ruler start outlining each of the rectangles.

That's it! This is a really simple, quick and easy project that looks pretty okay. In fact, staring at the canvas whilst writing this post has really caused it to grow on me! The project also has a lot of scope for you to add in your own personal creative touches without too much hassle which is nice.

Anyway, let me know what you think of the canvas and if you try it out!

Katie XO

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27/1/16: P.s. I made more of the canvases! You can read that post here!