More Attempts At Art

Learn how to DIY yourself some canvases. There's duct tape involved!

You might remember that I recently wrote a post all about my "Attempt At Art," I recently attempted some fairly similar art that had a bit of a twist to it so thought I'd throw the pictures up on here.

The whole idea of using masking tape and outlining all the different sections was the same however, for these paintings I made a lot more mistakes! I sort of rushed them, meaning there were loads of "touch-ups" required.

I started doing them but it just didn't look that great so, as I do whenever in doubt, I put duct tape on to cover up all the messy parts! I then did a zig-zag pattern around the edges with a black sharpie. Now personally I think they look a lot better (it sort of gives them a techie, reflective, shiny vibe!) but it definitely isn't for everyone. That being said it covered all my mistakes so... ya know, in my mind that makes it a win!

In total there were six paintings, they went from dark to light, sort of an ombre type of thing. To do all the paintings plus attempting touch-ups and then duct tape I'd have said took about 4 hours but I did it with a friend so that probably sped the process up a bit!

Here's what they looked like...

So that's them, do you like the duct tape effect? Is it something you could deal with having on your walls? :)

Thanks for reading,

Katie XO