Project Fails

I often write about some of the projects I've made, what I'd do differently, how long it took and such. But something that occurred to me the other day is that I hardly ever write about the projects that didn't work out so well... since this blog is the place where I like to document thing I've decided that that's going to change and so here it is, my project fails plus, and in my opinion more importantly, what I learnt from them.

The short scarf...
So you might be wondering why I didn't just keep knitting cause that would've solved the problem, right? There's two reasons- 1) the wool was really scratchy/itchy and 2) I find knit two pearl two rib incredibly tedious and didn't really want to continue making something I wouldn't wear. So I guess the takeaway from this scarf is don't make something with a tonne of ribbing! In terms of the wool it wasn't my decision (due to various reasons) so I couldn't really have done anything about that.

The small jumper...
Something else small... I was quite disappointed with this one as I thought I'd followed the sizing chart properly and everything. Anyway I really like the design of this jumper and how the pocket placement makes it just a bit different. That being said it was too small and I also managed to make a really tiny hole in the back with uhmmm... the overlocker :) Making the jumper taught me that if in doubt it's 100% best to make the size up as you can always take things in but it's much harder to make them bigger! It also taught me to use the overlocker slowly and attentively when sewing curves (i.e. sleeves) because it really isn't as forgiving as a sewing machine. 

The thin bag...
This one wasn't a complete fail... it just sort of, well... could have been done better I guess. The strap of the bag is really long and not particularly adjustable. Admittedly though, this is something that I probably should have picked up on at an earlier stage of the bag as it would have been an easy fix. Anyway, the other issue with this bag is that the fabric is just way too thin. I tried to combat this by adding a lining but the outer fabric started to wear and tear. 

The 'just wing it' backpack...
I think the title says it all here but I really just sort of made things up as I went along with this one. In terms of why it was a fail- for starters it's half lined, this was one of my early-ish projects and I didn't really get the concept of lining, needless to say it's awful! The next thing is that the straps needed thickening and for whatever reason I decided to just add a layer in between the two fabrics... and have it sort of peeping out? Not sure why... again, awful. The other pointer is that the eyelets weren't attached properly, I sort of neglected to put interface of just any sort of backing on the fabric and thus the eyelets pulled through after a minimal amount of wear... The fabric I chose was also too thin and I didn't get a different needle to sew the denim with, so that was a... challenging experience? Finally, I chose the wrong size magnet, it really wasn't strong enough to hold the bag closed. Apart from that though I really like the bag! It was a project that taught me a lot, one that I got to try out a whole bunch of new techniques with (and discover the joy of eyelets *note the sarcasm!) and overall, despite the finished product perhaps not turning out as expected, I don't regret the project at all.

So that concludes my project fails. Looking back at this post I managed to make some of these sound really really bad when they were sort of half decent... well, maybe a quarter! Anyway I'm starting to think the quote about you being your worst critique might be true!

I'd love to know what your worst project fail was? How do mine rate? 

Thanks for reading,

Katie XO