Stripes and Ombre

Hellooooo! The last outfit I posted wasn't particularly summery, but, after the amazing weather that the last few days has brought upon, I thought it was the perfect time for something a bit more practical.

This outfit it pretty plain starting with a simple stripy top and a pair of distressed denim which gives the top more of a casual feel. The simple brown sandals go really nicely with both the stripes and the medium to dark wash denim and the ombre bag just adds a pop of colour. The earthy toned nail polish with a bit of shimmer compliments the very classic look and all the necklaces are really fun and since everything else is pretty simple, any of them would compliment the outfit!

Stripes and Ombre

Stripes and Ombre by zigzagsandhabiliments featuring an essie nail polish

I'd love to know what you think of the outfit!!

Thanks for reading,

Katie XO