Things I Want To Start Doing Daily

All the little things add up, here's the things I'm hoping to make daily habits out of. @zzandh

I think it's really easy to just lose a day. For it to just pass you by, be gone in the blink of an eye (it rhymed!- I really don't know why that excites me!). Which is why, in 2016 I want to focus on doing the little things, with the logic in mind that they'll add up to big things, well, that's what I'm hoping for anyway! These are all little things that shouldn't take up too much time but I think they'll end up being infinitely beneficial.

1. Write a daily to-do list
I wrote an entire post about this ages ago and also mentioned that it was something I wanted to start doing as one of my NY's resolutions. It only takes a few minutes each day yet can really make every day so much more productive.
2. Duolingo
There's an entire post coming soon about this one but if you don't know what Duolingo is, in a nutshell it's basically an app that lets you learn languages. Free. It's really easy to use and well designed and since you always hear about how beneficial learning a second language can be, it's definitely something I want to spend at least 5 minutes a day doing. I know that a mere 5 minutes won't mean that I'm suddenly speaking a second language fluently, but like I said before, it all adds up!
3. Make my bed
This one just always makes me feel so much more productive, it takes less that 30 seconds and so in my mind, it really is a win-win.
4. Pursue a hobby
Over the last year or so I've almost stopped sewing completely and although I've sort of picked up other hobbies I don't feel like I've made enough time for them. So everyday I want to just do something that'll contribute to them, whether it be editing a blog photo or doing a row of knitting, I want to do something.
5. Wake up earlier
I really really don't get along with mornings but recently I've been reading a load of blog posts (here's a good one- Becoming A Morning Person) and it's got me inspired. I don't want to start with anything too crazy but I think for now, over the summer, waking up at 8 every day would be a good start. Then, when school starts up again, aiming for 7. Neither times are incredibly early but in my mind, they're early enough to enable me to do more. 
6. Read
I used to be an avid reader, reading whenever, wherever. I'd whiz through books, plunge into the sequel and then pick up the next book. The cycle never really ended. Until I stopped reading virtually completely. I think literature can be really enriching as well as make you a better writer and so it's something that I want to start doing daily, for at least 10 minutes.

7. Assess my goals
I think the key to achieving your goals is to just have them, well, in your face. By this I mean constantly remind yourself of them so you continue to work towards achieving them. To do this I've written down my goals (in short) at the front of my diary/planner. They're colour coded (of course!) and then at the end of each day, if I've worked towards my goal, I put a tick in the corresponding colour, next to the date in the diary. If I haven't achieved the goal, I don't put a tick. I've been using this method for a few weeks now and I've found it really motivational. For starters looking at your diary and seeing a whole lot of ticks from where you've achieved your goal is enough to bring a burst of happiness and motivation to anyone! The ticks also serve as a reminder to keep going, you've done so much, so don't stop now sort of a thing. 

So those are the 7 things I want to start doing daily. I was thinking about turning this into a series, like a weekly version a monthly version and so on, let me know what you think! Anyway what are the thing you do daily?

Thanks for reading,

Katie XO