5 Blog Things To Do That Don't Involve Writing

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Does anyone else have those days when they feel like blogging but just really don't want to write anything? Maybe it's because I don't really blog for the writing aspect or just because blogging regularly means perhaps too much writing. Either way I've found some ways that I like to work on my blog without actually posting new content. A lot of these suggestions can just be used for blog maintenance so even if you absolutely love writing and that's what you want to do (which is great, please share tips!) you can still put these into practice every now and again to lift your blog.

1. Blog design
It's always nice to have a fresh design on your blog and so what better way to work on your site without writing (code excluded!) Depending on how long you've got to fiddle with your design there's tonnes of different things you could do, but here's a quick list:
    • Redesign your header, or just alter your current one
    • Change up the fonts you use, if your looking for some unique fonts I've got some on my Etsy store- 
    • Do something to your sidebar, maybe make some new social media icons or add a new widget
    • Add one of the snazzy new (well, fairly new!) Bloglovin' widgets, they look really nice too
Before redesigning anything though you might find this post helpful:
>> Stuff I've Learnt About Blog Design
2. Make 'Pinnable' images for your old blog posts
It's no secret that pinterest is becoming more and more popular so why no make some Pinterest friendly images for your old blog posts? Don't forget to add alt and title tags to the images too so that you know what text is going to be displayed when people pin your image!
3. Schedule some tweets
This is the perfect opportunity for you to promote you blog! If you don't already schedule your tweets and want to know what I'd recommend doing then read the following post:

4. Brainstorm blog ideas and plan posts
Okay so this one might involve a few words but if you really don't want to use words you could draw your ideas. In terms of planning posts I mean just drawing yourself up a monthly (or weekly, depending on how often you blog) calendar, you could also print one, but anyway you then just write what each post will be about in the correct place. For bonus points you could also pencil in when you're going to make graphics and when you'll write each post. 

5. Take photos and edit them or make graphics
It's always nice when you come to write a blog post and you find that you're one step ahead of yourself and have already made the title graphic, right? So why not stock up on them while you're not in writing mood? 

Next time you don't feel like writing, instead of procrastinating (or is it just me who does this?) why not put one of the ideas to practice? I'd love to know if you try them out!

Thanks for reading,

Katie XO