51 Blog Post Ideas

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We all have those days when we're absolutely stumped for blog ideas, which is why I've created a list of 51 ideas that you can use! The list is divided into sections so whether you're a fashion, craft or lifestyle blogger, hopefully they'll be an idea for you. I've also tried to expand a bit on each idea to try to kick-start your inspiration for the post!

  1. OOTD... this one isn't exactly unique, especially if you're a fashion blogger but, you could get creative with it and do an OOTD for the beach or for playing a particular sport etc. Also, if you don't feel like taking outfit picture try a site like Polyvore, here's an example:
    >> Stripes & Ombre
  2. 1 item X ways... see how creative you can be and how many combinations you can get with one item, it could be a staple piece or even that pair of printed shorts that you'd have only thought it was possible to wear with a plain t-shirt.
  3. How you organise your wardrobe... this could be incredibly useful, what are your best tips for keeping everything in order? How do you maintain order?
  4. A wishlist... this could be themed for example you could do a wishlist from your favourite high street store or a denim wishlist, a seasonal one, a Christmas sweater wishlist (maybe wait a while though!) the options are endless. In fact, you could start a series- Wednesday's XXX Wishlist, hmmmm that's actually not a bad name...
  5. How you store your jewelry... and avoid the tangled necklaces... you could even come up with a DIY storage method, maybe something like this?
    >> DIY Jewelry Holder :)
  6. Your go-to hairstyle... what's the thing you do everyday? Unless you're really onto it and it varies in which case what about a style for every day of the week?
  7. XXX hairstyles... okay, this ones a tad repetitive but I'm struggling with the fashion category. Anyway you could do braided hairstyles, hat styles, 1 minute styles, hairstyles you can do the night before, roll out of bed and have it still look decent (these are my faves!), just be creative!
  8. What lives in your XXX bag... not like actually living, crawling around type of things, more like tissues and pens and necessities. You could do your school/work bag, your handbag, sports/gym bag, suitcase, tramping pack etc. 
  9. Weird fashion hacks... Google some of the really peculiar ones like putting your jeans in the freezer instead of the washing machine or putting spray oil on your painted nails to help them dry. Try the hacks out (it's important you do this before the next step!) Then blog about it, good luck :)
  10. Inspired by XX's fashion... maybe the 80's or 40's or even the Middle Ages if you're feeling brave! Create an outfit, hair and makeup look inspired by a different time. 
  11. Recreate the look for less... find an outfit (or makeup look) that you love that predominantly uses high end brands. Find similar pieces for a lot less and then blog about it!
  12. How to dress for summer/winter... what are your best tips for staying warm or cool? You could even include some outfits as examples here.
  13. Create a nail look... you could do some nail art or even just share how you paint your nails from start to finish, what base coat you use, top coat, cuticle oil etc. E.g.
    >> My Nail Painting Routine + Tips and Tricks
  1. Create a tutorial or 'DIY'... I'd recommend heading to pinterest if you're after some inspiration. Here's some examples of mine though :)
    >>ZZ&H DIY's
  2. Favourite project ever... what's the best thing you've made? You could even do this in categories if you're struggling to pick a favourite, such as favourite knitting project, sewing etc. or favourite top and favourite dress. 
  3. Currently I'm making XXX... often I tend to (and hopefully I'm not the only one!) just blog about a finished project, I never really bother blogging about something I'm starting and I think that for some of the bigger projects this would be a really nice idea. Instead of writing about how much you hated sewing the sleeves because they didn't fit properly after you've made the whole garment and the annoyance has warn off why not write in the moment? This way when you're looking back you'll be able to see a full, in-depth description of exactly how you made something and what went wrong/right.
  4. Tools you need... what are the things you can't live without? What makes your projects just that much easier? It could be a row counter or a seam ripper, what do you consider essential?
  5. A beginners project... what's something really easy that'd be good for starting out? 
  6. How you organise your creative space... this one might be more for the sewing blogger, someone who has a cupboard, corner or even room dedicated to all their sewing bits and bobs.
  7. Try out a new craft... if you're an avid quilt maker perhaps try out crochet. It's bound to be an interesting and probably fun/extremely annoying at times, but hey, it'll make for a fabulous post.
  8. Best craft blogs... there's a tonne of craft blogs out there but some of them are quite hard to find, so sharing your list would be incredibly helpful!
  1. A week of food... keep a food diary for a week and blog about it!
  2. Recipe... this one's fairly popular but you could write up your favourite breakfast recipe or chocolate cake or smoothie etc. 
  3. X ingredient meals... come up with some recipes that don't require many ingredients. Chances are, these are going to be really simple, which is always nice!
  4. Meals you can make in advance/bulk... everyone has those days when they don't feel like cooking but do feel like eating and prepared meals can be amazing on these days!
  5. Favourite cookbooks... what books do you get the bulk of your recipes from?
  6. Top 5 XXX... desserts, smoothies, lunches, be creative!
  7. Things every XXX should have... if making sandwiches or smoothies or soups etc. is something you do on a regular basis, what's the ingredients every recipe has in common?
  1. Your favourite blogs... leave a link to all the blogs you've been loving lately and a short description! You could even let the bloggers know they've been mentioned!
  2. Blogging tools you use... this ones sort of like my BTOM series so if you're looking for inspiration here's the link
    >> Blogging Tools Of The Month (BTOM)  
  3. How to start a blog... this one's slightly cliche but is something that could definitely be useful for all those people who are thinking about blogging!
  4. How to XXX... if you're good with code this one could be for you! Even if you've just spent hours searching up how to do one particular thing and have finally managed to crack it, chance are someone else will want to do that thing too!
  5. Why you blog... everyone blogs for different reasons and it's always interesting to see why the writer of a blog you love does it. I did a post on this and you can check it out here:
    >> Why I Blog
  6. How you keep organised as a blogger... not gonna lie, this can be a major struggle, so why not share your tips!
  7. How you get your blog 'out there'... this is a massive aspect to blogging and help is always appreciated!
  8. Blog evoulution... depending on how long you've been blogging this one may or may not be for you. Anyway you could contrast your first ever and most recent post, see how much better your photography's gotten or how your stats have grown. 
  9. The process... I've actually been meaning to write this post for the longest time now. Anyway, write about the process you undergo from start to finish when writing a blog post. From the ideas to the scheduling (or just hitting published if you've got my organisation style :))
Lifestyle + Random
  1. How you make your days productive... being productive is something you can never be too good at!
  2. Morning/evening routine... you could even link this to the idea above.
  3. Places you want to visit... if you had an infinite amount of resources where would you go, what things in particular would you want to see?
  4. Bucket list... what have you always wanted to do? If you're looking to go the extra mile you could also say how you're going to achieve all these things.
  5. Short, medium and long term goals... where would you like to be tomorrow? In a year? And in 5 years?
  6. Start a tag... instead of joining one why not start one? 
  7. Local guide... chances are you know wherever you're living pretty well, better than a tourist anyway! So how about sharing the knowledge? Plus, if you're anything like me you'd rather follow a locals guide to a city than someone who's only spent a week there!
  8. Photography tips and tricks... photography (especially DSLR!) can be a total challenge, if you're good with a camera then you could definitely make a few posts about it! To go the extra mile you could have beginner, intermediate and advanced tips.
  9. Guest post... this isn't 100% a post suggestion but it's still definitely something you could do. Whether it be interviewing another blogger or getting them to write something that'd usually appear on their blog on yours (this could introduce your readers to their blog!) there's tonnes of stuff you can do with guest posting. If you'd like to guest post on ZZ&H or are looking for someone to guest post you can email me at zigzagsandhabiliments@gmail.com :)
  10. Current events... you could write about your take on something that's going on or your solution. Maybe even just write a full, in-depth guide about an ongoing issue. This might require a lot of time and research but as well as learning something you'll also be educating others!
  11. Favourite XXX accounts... your top PinterestTwitter or even Instagram accounts.
That's it! There's a lot of ideas there so hopefully one of them will be for you! Feel free to leave a link to this post if you use any of the ideas or even link your post in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

Katie XO