8 Outfits For Sunny Days

8 Outfits For Sunny Days

Hellooooo! I've decided that today's post is going to be a bit different. Technically speaking it's actually not that different from a lot of posts you see, but it's pretty different from anything you see on ZZ&H. Anyway, it's a roundup style post. Kind of like my favourite fashion posts that have appeared on this site. All of which would be appropriate for a hot day, well, warm day actually in the case of number 7. Moving on.

It's funny, as I was going through all the outfit posts I've ever created (for this post), apart from realising how I used to name near enough every outfit the same thing, I realised just how bad some of my first outfit posts were! Now, I'm in no way shape or form saying they're particularly great now, it's just interesting to see how far they've come. Anyway, I feel like I could almost write a whole post on this topic so I'm gonna stop here and save the topic for a rainy day.

For this post, I've included all the outfits, links and the title of the post so you might be thinking what more would you want, i.e. why should you click on the post? And the answer to that question lies in the post :) Just joking, it's because pretty much all the posts have a description of the outfit and comments on certain items and you may find it interesting.

That being said, let's just start...

1. Stripes and Ombre
Stripes and Ombre
Printed Shorts
Never Again
Not Just Stars & Stripes
The Geometric Look
Fun fact: this one's my favourite outfit and also most popular outfit post!
The Logo Sweater
Simple Summer Outfit

I hope you enjoyed this roundup style post! Let me know which outfit is your favourite in the comments!!

Thanks for reading,

Katie XO