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Recently I went to the South Island on a family trip and got to see a bunch of new places like Dunedin, Invercargil and Bluff. I took loads of random photo's and thought I'd write up a post about it!

The South Island of New Zealand is often quoted as being very picturesque, and it definitely is! If you're in NZ I would definitely recommend making a trip south. 

The first place we were at was Dunedin. I didn't realise how historic a place it was, and compared to Auckland, there's so many more old buildings and architecture to see! 

The railway building // Also the only pic I edited, albeit not very well!
Opposite the railway building...
Miles... well, kilometers actually...

Second was Invercargill but just for a few hours, followed by Bluff. Which, if you aren't aware, is the southern most town in NZ. 

Gore // On the way to Invercargill
The view from Bluff

After that was a short stop in Queenstown, which is known for being a touristy place. It 100% is but is still really nice to see as there's a gondola up to a luge, breath taking scenery and an abundance of unique outdoor activities. Anyway, we didn't spend more than an hour or two there before going to Cromwell. 

Au naturel lighting
An old store...

Cromwell has this really interesting historic village. It's kind of like an outdoor museum that you can wander round and take a look at!

The "historic village"
Cromwell town 

From Cromwell we went to Omakau and did part of the Otago rail trail which was really nice. If you're not familiar with it, the full trail is 150km's from Clyde to Middlemarc, it goes through tunnels, across bridges and past historic buildings. The trail's classed (graded?) as easy and, from the part we rode I would definitely agree with that! Not sure where, but I remember reading that the trail had some long inclines and apparently we did one of them. It definitely wasn't as intimidating as "long incline" but then again, maybe there's some more hilly bits further along the trail. Personally I really enjoy the occasional bike ride and can 100% say I'd love to go back and do the whole trail. The day we did was great (despite the rain!) and I would thoroughly recommend it if you're down that way!

One of the lengthy, pitch black tunnels
One of many bridges you had to cross on the trail
My attempt at an artsy photo...
Another attempt, or should I say another blurry attempt?
Omakau, where we started the trail
So that's it. I really hope you enjoyed this post! I'd also love to know if seeing the South Island or even New Zealand is on your to-do-sometime-in-the-near-future list? Also, sorry about the font, I have no clue what happened or how to fix it!!

Thanks for reading,

Katie XO