What... // February

You might remember last month, how I did my Instagram sum up? Well, the reason that I 100% forgot to mention in that post, was that I'm trying to find a style I like for a monthly wrap up kind-of a thing. It's going to take some experimenting. Anyway, today's experiment is a what I did/monthly favourites type thing, so here goes!

What I ate
Starting with food, because, you know, priorities right? This month I've been trying to nail some simple recipes that can be made in advance. The three things that I've been loving though are overnight oats, homemade granola bars and protein muffins. Once I'm completely happy with the recipes I'll put them up here!

What I listened to
In about December I finally got around to trying the free apple music trial and I must admit, I've been really disappointed. The app crashed a couple of times and the layout just confused me. Since this was my last month using it though (I'm definitely not subscribing!) I thought I should at least make a bit of an effort and thus I discovered 7 Years by Lukas Graham. Admittedly though it's probably something that's been around and on the radio so I'm not sure how I didn't know about it... 

What I read
If you remember my what I want to start doing daily post, then you'll know that reading was on that list. It's something I've been doing more towards the end of the month, mainly because I had to read the books for school (but I promise that isn't important here!). They also weren't the sort of books I'd normally read, and I'm really glad I was forced to since I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend both of them. The books were- The Help by Kathryn Stockett and The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. There may be reviews coming soon :)

What I blogged about 

What I snapped
My favourite photo from the month would have to be of this Nutella popcorn! Now that I think about it I should really have added this to the food section... Anyway it's the BEST and I'll definitely put the recipe up here sometime because it's just so good!!

What I want to aim for
Scheduled blog posts. This month I've fallen behind, especially for the end of the month (thus the lack of posts!) and I really want to get back on track. Blogging has so many benefits from improving how I write to being a way to document things and I definitely want to start making more time for it. That being said due to everything starting back up for the (school) year I've decided to cut down my posting schedule to once a week. Every Wednesday. That way, if I've got time I can blog more, otherwise I can just focus on one, high quality post, every week. 

That's all! February's been a pretty good month and I'm really looking forward to March, not so much the end of summer ;( but more the idea to do more and to keep doing. 

How's February treated you? Any goals for the upcoming month?

Thanks for reading,

Katie XO