DIY Cactus Pots

Hellooooo, not sure if you've noticed, but lately there's been loads of wordy posts here. It's also been ages since I've posted something craft related, which is why today's post is going to be about these DIY cactus pots...

I've always loved the idea of cacti, a dessert plant which is renowned for being notoriously hard to kill, what's not love?  In fact, the way you could potentially bring an end to your cactus's need to be in a DIY pot, is by over watering it. AKA, being too attentive, something which isn't exactly possible for someone with as whatever is furtherest away from green on the colour wheel fingers (me). Cacti are also super spiky (as I found out when potting them!) which gives them a kind of stay-away vibe, again, why wouldn't you want a cactus? Oh, and did I mention that there's a tonne of health benefits associated with having plants around your living environment? 

So now that I've sold you on buying some cacti, you're going to need some pots, right? What I've got a picture of below is boring. There's no questioning that. It's just plain and dull and is practically screaming "DIY project, DIY project, DIY project", really hoping it's not just me... Anyway, fortunately I've got a suggestion for you but, before we get any further, I want to note that you can do anything. Literally, you could paint the alphabet on your pots, treat them like a colouring in book or even doodle on them with a permanent marker. In the words of Bill Moyers, "Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous." How's that for motivation? :)

For the pots I made, all you're going to need is:

  • Some awesome and interesting cacti
  • Plain, boring brown pots which you can get for about a dollar at just about anywhere that sells plants
  • White paint (I used acrylic but I feel like most types of paint would work!)
  • Paint brushes, a big one and a medium sized one is ideal
  • Paint in whatever colours you want  
First up, you want to paint the pots white (cue that Alice in Wonderland song- Painting the Roses Red!). This is so that your colour on top is true(er) to what it looks like in the container and also so you don't have to use loads and loads of your coloured paint. You don't need to paint until the white's opaque, but at the same time, you don't want to skip this step.

I'd also advise going slightly inside the pot, just in case you don't decide to full it completely. I probably went a little further than necessary, but for this step it's definitely better safe that sorry!

Before the next step you want to give the white paint a chance to dry. If you're doing multiple pots, paint them all white, then you should be good to go! So you want to get the colour of paint you'll be using, then add a lot of white. I say a lot because I wanted my pots a nice pastel shade but, if you've got something else in mind, go for it! Paint the pot, again, make sure to get a little bit of paint inside. Then repeat. This colour needs to be opaque and ideally as streak-less as possible! Repeat for all your pots.

Like before, you want to make sure that your pots are dry before progressing. For this step you want to take the original colour of paint (what it was before you added white) and, with hardly any paint on the brush, put it on. I'd recommend dipping your brush in a little bit of paint, painting the bottom, then working your way up and ending when there's absolutely no paint left on your brush. This way your pots will have a nicely distributed brushed effect.

Then you're done, well for the arty part of this. You could put some sort of glossy/paint sealing stuff on the pots at this stage but, to be honest, I didn't really see the point since it's not like you'll be handling the pots that much! You want to make sure that your paint is thoroughly dry and not sticky, but then pot your cacti! I think I used seedling mix but I heard somewhere that you could mix in some sand too. Also, note: cacti are spiky!! You've been warned!

You might like to add some pebbles to the base of your cacti for decorative purposes, but other than that, you've finished!

So that's it. Quick, easy and nice to look at cacti in aesthetically pleasing pots! 

Let me know if you try this DIY out, I'd love to see the result!

Thanks for reading,

Katie XO