The Power of Writing

Picture this: you've got a million and one things going on, maybe it's trying to meet a deadline or something's crept up on you and is due tomorrow. You're trying to fit everything in, to focus all your efforts into that task. What if I were to suggest that you step back from an hour and just write? Or, more specifically, type.

The power of typing

Before you run away or, as is probably easier, simply click on the little "x" that's standing vividly in multiple places above you, hear me out, please. I recently read an article over on the official Bullet Journal website. It was an interview with a writer: Jonathon Carroll and he was talking about how and why he writes out, by hand, all his drafts (for novels). On this note, he said that writing something out by hand was a lot more deliberate and thought out than running your fingers across plastic squares, printed with letters. This got me thinking.

Carroll's logic is one that I 100% agree with. Every time you're forced to scourer for a piece of paper and rummage around for a pen, every stroke you make is deliberate. You're forced to think about what you're going to put down on that very piece of paper, this of course due to the limitations of your hand not being able to move as fast as lightning. Which is something that, if you're trying to perfect a piece of writing, as in Carroll's case, I think would be really valuable.

But what if you're not? I recently had a bit of a blogging break, due to, what I told myself and what I genuinely thought at the time was, well... not having enough time. Towards the end of my blogging break I found I was really incredibly unproductive; I wasn't using my time efficiently. Now I'm sure, scientifically speaking, there's a plethora of reasons for this but I think not spending time to sprint my fingers over a keyboard, as if reaching for the finishing line of a marathon, could be to blame.

If you're typing, for the average person, it's going to be a lot quicker than writing, right? Now back to Carroll's interview, if you're trying to perfect a piece of writing, for some, it might not be the way to go. But what if you're trying to clear your brain? Trying to blow away the dust that's gathered on those cogs which normally churn away without a second thought? Sometimes, I believe that just writing typing about anything, and letting your mind run wild can be absolutely fantastic.

Not writing about things I'm genuinely interested in and instead the effect characterization had on the novel has made me realise how powerful writing really is. It can clear your mind, free up space to contemplate other things, to focus or even just to be that creative outlet you're seeking.

So hopefully I've persuaded you to take an hour, or even a mere 20 minutes out of your day to type. To let your thoughts run like the wind, because ultimately, the rest of you will be reaping the benefits.

I'd love to know if you try it out and if so, how it goes!

Thanks for reading,

Katie XO