Cube Escape // AOTM

It feels like it's been forever since I last blogged. Probably because it has been. I looked up the date of my last post and it was 25.5.16. That's May! That post was scheduled too, so it really has been a while. As is virtually always my reason: school and various extra-curricular's are the justification for the absence of posts on this site.

Getting into what this post is actually about though, I've discovered a series of games which are highly addictive. To be honest, you've probably heard of them- they've gone through spells of popularity. If you haven't, the Cube Escape games are basically where you're trying to solve all these mysteries (mini-games) and get things to work. Don't think I really sold it there, but trust me when I say it's worth it!

The series has, I'm pretty sure, 8 games which are all available on iOS and Android. It's really interesting to see how the graphics have evolved. The games have been released over a number of years and the graphics on the latest ones are incredible! This might sound odd, and I think I've mentioned it about another app before, but one of my favourite things about the Cube Escape games are that they end. Your procrastinating is essentially set on a timer! Personally, I really loathe games which go on forever (think 1010) because they just seem so pointless and as if they're designed to waste your time. Games which end and can be deleted to free up space are definitely more my thing!

I've played/am in the process of playing all the free games (only a couple cost) and have found all the stories to be reasonably logical yet still challenging. Occasionally I'll get stuck and have to start randomly tapping on things or even Google the answer, but for the most part, the game seems to be pitched at a decent level of difficulty. Some of the mini-games take a while to figure out but personally I think that's where the fun is! My only criticism would be that some of the games end really abruptly which I find annoying. Some of them also don't seem to have an end goal which I think is the reason for this. That being said it isn't too hard to overlook this flaw due to the numerous puzzles hidden in each installment in the series.

As I mentioned before, a lot of the games are free, so you've really got nothing to lose by giving them a go. Personally, I haven't tried the paid games but given how much you get for free, I imagine they'd be pretty good value.

Let me know if you've played the cube escape games before, and if you have what you think of them!

Thanks for reading,