I didn't wash my hair for a year...

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You might remember (probably not, it was a while ago) that I wrote a post titled "The Truth About Going 'No-Poo'"? The one about not washing your hair with shampoo? Well that was one of the most viewed posts on this blog so I thought it was well overdue a follow up post.

I 100% intended to write this sooner, like six-months ago sooner. I never got around to it (evidently) and only remembered the other day when I decided to cut my hair for the first time in ages. Before I go any further, if you haven't already, I'd highly recommend you click on the previous post and go read that one. If that's too much to ask, or you've just forgotten, here's a recap: at the beginning of 2015 (time flies!) I decided to stop washing my hair with shampoo and start washing it with a baking soda mix followed by apple cider vinegar. It took about 10 weeks for it to, in my opinion, start getting the job done.

Continuing off from there. I kept the whole "no-poo" thing for the rest of 2015 and then stopped. I realised that the absence of shampoo in my hair was pretty much achieving nothing. I mean sure, there's the fact that it was chemical free, natural, and sat at a pretty unbeatable price point when it comes to things that clean the spaghetti-like strands which spurt from your head. After hearing that, you're probably thinking, what possible reason would she have to stop?

The answer to that, is simply: I actually thought about it. I don't mean the whole reasons behind why I did it or even the benefits, I mean the fact that it wasn't doing anything amazing for my hair. It's a pain to take baking soda and ACV anywhere with you. You're constantly doing a science experiment on your head and thus the results are nowhere near as consistent as if you'd just paid the $5 for a bottle of shampoo and conditioner.

I found using this particular no-poo method was incredibly inconsistent- sometimes my hair would be super greasy, and other times just really dry. Also, in summer for example, when I was in the sea (and so was my hair :)), trying to wash out the salt water would require a different concentration/ratio/mix of baking soda to water, not so much the ACV but definitely the baking soda. It was just a constant struggle and, in my opinion, one which wasn't worth it.

I really wanted to never have to shampoo my hair again, like really wanted and I think this is what clouded my judgement when assessing whether going no-poo really worked. Now, I'm by no means saying it's not worth giving it a shot, if you've got an immense amount of patience when it comes to your hair then no-poo might be for you but personally, it just didn't work out for me.

Looking on the bright side, the whole experience taught me a tonne about trying new things. Sometimes they just don't work out… and that's okay. Anyway, I'm 10 months into my next venture- using coconut oil and ACV instead of other stuff on your face- let me know if you'd like to see a post about that one!

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let me know if you've found the post helpful, if you've tried it- what was your experience with going no-poo? Otherwise- would you try it?

Katie XO