Why I'm Not Defining My "Niche"

Hellooooo so today's post is one that I've thought quite a bit about and it's one I'd be super interested to hear what you think of it. Before that though, I've pretty much finished changing the design of this blog, any feedback would be much appreciated!

So the other day, I was browsing some of those "Here's How to Build a Successful Blog" sites, mainly because, on the odd occasion, you can pick up some pretty good tips. The constant piece of advice that I came across and one I've seen on countless occasions over the years I've been blogging, is that you should define your niche. Defining your niche means to have a specific "thing" (specific huh?) that your blog/brand/business is about.

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Every time I stumble upon that- in my mind cliche -piece of advice, I can't help but think- why? More often than not, blogs, brands or businesses evolve from something you're incredibly passionate about and that's awesome. So why limit yourself to just that?

I understand why you might want to define your niche, narrow down your target market, create the ideal product and go from there. But, and this is a big one, what if your interests change? What if you're not passionate about the same thing three years down the road, even three months down the road? Do you keep blogging about that hobby you used to have? Does that remain your niche? Doesn't that put you off it all together?

Now I think my newfound way of thinking has come from the fact that a friend was asking about my "fashion, sewing and lifestyle" blog and that kinda made me hit pause. The said friend was just describing ZZ&H as I'm sure I've done on numerous occasions but hearing it from someone else, made me realise that fashion, sewing and lifestyle stuff, isn't really what I'm about. My interest in fashion stemmed from my passion for sewing but honestly, I haven't sat down, threaded up a machine, touched a pattern or even sewed on a button in probably over a year (the button part's just luck :)).

I was toying with the idea of changing this blog to some newly defined topic. A newly defined niche. My latest interests include food, fitness, website design, maybe even writing who knows? All I'm confident about is that right now, I have no desire to define what this blog is- it's "a bit of everything", how much of a cop-out is that?

The whole reason the pros advise you to identify your topic is so that your audience know what to expect from you, will it be craft, sport, beauty or photography content? One of my main hesitations with the whole, all-encompassing blog, was, will it be of any value, to anyone? So like I'm fairly sure you're meant to do in these situations, I put myself in the metaphoric pink jandals of a viewer.
What can a blog with "a bit of everything" offer you? 
Now I thought long and hard about this, I mean, if I was reading a blog with a tonne of random stuff, would I want to keep coming back? Firstly, this blog isn't going to be a completely random, incohesive, poorly thought out mess. Or at least I'm gonna give 110% to ensure that doesn't happen. However, here's what I'm hoping will happen:
  • Topics will change and evolve over time- they'll most likely be a representation of my current interests. What can I say, I am the one pushing the keys here :)
  • You won't like everything- this is a bit of a key one. But realistically, if I'm blogging about a wider range of things, chances are, they won't all appeal to everyone. That's okay. I'm just hoping readers will skip the post and read the next one rather that completely unfollowing ZZANDH. It's a rather optimistic approach but realistically, unless someone's posting about really controversial matters, I'm unlikely to unfollow you over one post. I'm hoping I'm not the only one with this mentality!
  • You might discover new things- if you see a random, intriguing post pop up in your Bloglovin' feed from me, maybe you'll click on it and discover something like how you can make homemade pizza in less than 15 minutes without the oven (post coming soon!) or get some blog post inspiration
  • You won't even notice- even if you're a frequent reader of zzandh.com, chances are you read a tonne of other blogs, watch loads of other content on YouTube or Netflix and hence, won't even notice the topic changes, which begs the question, why I am writing this post? 
The answer to which is because I'm interested to see what happens, and maybe some of you who blog too, are as well? So if you're curious as to whether this has any impact on the blog, let me know and I'll make sure to do a follow-up post at some stage. 

The final thing I want to address in this blog post is again, something which probably doesn't really matter :) That it, that I've decided I'll be branding this blog as ZZANDH instead of Zig-Zags and Habiliments from now on. Like I said, it doesn't really make any difference but the latter implies craft, sewing and fashion, which isn't necessarily what you're gonna find on here anymore, so I thought it was only fitting. I'm awful at coming up with names, so didn't really want to change it completely!

Anyways, I think that's about it. Let me know what you think of this post, it's a tad different and feedback would be much appreciated. Do you want to see more like this? Did you love it? Hate it? Was it worth the three minute and 26-second read that wordcounter.net predicted? Do you define your niche?

Regardless, thanks for reading,
Katie XO