2016: The Sum Up

I really have no clue where to go with this post but with a mere day and a bit left of 2016, it only seems fitting that I write some sort of reflection on the year. In a desperate attempt to make this post more interesting however, I've decided to put some of my favourite photos throughout. All were taken by me and they've got nothing to do with the rest of the post :)

2016 was the year of Brexit, the year Donald Trump was elected and although they're big topics, politics isn't really what this blog is about. At all. So let's try again.

2016 was the year most people couldn't wait to leave behind, with it generally being deemed a bad one. That sounds incredibly negative. And again, that's not ZZANDH. Which gives me the idea of, why don't we start with this blog?

2016 has been a very inconsistent blogging year for me, but despite that I really think I've found what many would call their 'blogging voice'. 2016 marked three years of ZZANDH and I think four years of me blogging which is a pretty long time. Considering I'm 16, that means I've been doing this whole thing for nearly a quarter of my life, albeit inconsistently. But still. The other day I was thinking about why it's taken me so long to find this so called 'blogging voice' and after thinking long and hard, I think the answers quite simple.

I started blogging at a fairly young age, one where my writing skills were poor in the aspects of grammar, punctuation, syntax etc. Reading a post lacking in each of those aspects, regardless of the author's age, is never going to be a pleasant experience. I always used to struggle to punch out a 'long' 700+ word post, but now, it's gotten, dare I say it, to just be something I do. So despite not blogging as frequently as I'd hoped, 2016's been a good blogging year, in my mind at least.

Offline, this year's been a busy one. Perhaps my busiest year yet and that's the reason my blog got put on the backburner. I've learnt a lot about managing my time and how sometimes you've just gotta knuckle down and get it done. 2016's also made me realise that some things aren't worth your time, and it's not possible nor is it realistic to think you can do everything. But with choices come the opportunity cost and the fear of making the wrong decision but that's okay. I attended a lot of events with speakers on a variety of topics this year, but something that really stuck with me was the speech about making decisions. The gist of it, was that you won't always make the right decision, you can't always make the right decision. But, you've gotta make the decision because sometimes prolonging the inevitable is detrimental. If what you decide turns out to be wrong, there's nothing you can do about it except jump in your time machine except fix it as quickly as possible. As a naturally indecisive person, this is something I really found helpful and a philosophy I'm trying to implement when it comes to decision making.

Another couple of offline occurrences from 2016 that I was really excited about, (don't worry they're a lot lighter than my previous paragraph!) was getting my restricted driving license, and I guess the whole learning to drive bit! And also, donating/selling 40cm of my hair, something I fully plan to write a whole post about- very soon.

I'm not really sure what else to put in this post. As I was scrolling through Bloglovin' searching for a bit of inspiration for this post, everyone seemed to either go through all these amazing accomplishments or provide a monthly breakdown of their year. Given my blogging accomplishments are, well... to put it nicely, minimal, and I can't even remember a single thing worth writing about that happened in August, let alone way back in February neither of these options were particularly feasible for me.

But that's okay because 2016's been a pretty awesome year, and I'm super excited about 2017. Hopefully, come December next year, I'll be able to write a better sum-up post! Anyway, I think I'll leave it here but let me know in the comments, what's your favourite thing that happened in 2016? I'd love to know!

Thanks for reading and be sure to check back tomorrow for my last post in this series,

Katie XO