2017: New Year's Resolutions

There's only a few hours left of 2016. Wow. To say that it flew by, would be a massive understatement. Before this post gets all reflective and I start rambling though, let's get into the actual post. Quick side note : I published my 2016 sum-up yesterday, and you can read that here.

As promised, today's post is my NY's resolutions for 2017. If you're wondering how I came up with them, I've got a post on that here. Basically though, I've divided them up into things I want to accomplish and things I want to try out. This is further subdivided into categories- life, blog, school and fitness. I'm not posting all of my NY's resolutions on here, but the majority, especially the blogging ones are included in my list.

Starting out with things I want to accomplish...


1.  Launch a product. I'm thinking either an eBook or an eCourse. It'll definitely be something digital though. This one's mainly because my fonts completely failed, and I'm looking to give the whole creating-a-digital-product-thing another shot.

One of the five fonts which completely failed as a business idea!
2.  Stick to a blogging schedule. Notice I'm not mentioning what the schedule is here? That's because I just want to post consistently. Throughout the year, school and other offline things are going to make me busy at certain times, and at those times, I fully intend to cut back the schedule. That being said, I still want to be putting up posts regularly.

On the right: my January blogging schedule!
3.  Incorporate more photos in my posts. Throughout 2016 I've put a tonne of effort into making sure my posts have a 'Pin-able' image, i.e. it's optimised for Pinterest. In doing so, I've completely let putting a decent number of photos into each post slide and looking back, I've written a whole lot of posts which just have a 'Pin-able' image. Oops. Personally, I find reading posts which are very text heavy, a lot harder than if the post's broken up with pictures. So, 2017 is gonna be the year of 'Pin-able' images and image packed posts!


3.  Read a book a month. I'm awful at making time to read and it's really something I'd like to work on for 2017. To hold myself accountable though, I'm going to review every book I read and post the review on here at the end of each month. So if you've got any book recommendations, I'd love to know!

4.  Get my full drivers licence. I can do this in December next year, and it's definitely something I just want to get over and done with and out of the way!

5.  Finish my cable jumper. I started this over a year ago. Half did the back. Mucked it up. Then never fixed it. Up until the other day, when I realised the jumper isn't going to make its self i wish and rather, I'm going to have to fix it and get knitting. Now I'm really slow at cable, so I'm giving myself until the end of the year to complete the project, though hopefully it'll be quite a bit before 31/12/2017 that I'm wearing my funky, orange, cable-knit.


6.  Run 5 km in 30 minutes. I'm not a massive fan of cardio, especially not running so this is gonna be hard work! That being said, I think 5 km in 30 minutes is realistic but we'll see. Even if I don't make the 30 minute goal, hopefully this'll get me running more and just generally improve my fitness. #optimism :)

7.  Learn to do a pull up. Honestly, I think I'm a long way away from this one however, in 365 days, I'll hopefully be able to do a pull up.

Moving onto the stuff I want to try out section on my 2017 list of ambitions...


8.  30 day challenges. You normally associate these with fitness, photo challenges or 'A blog a day in May'/'Blogtober'. I'm not 100% sure which of these I'd like to do yet, but definitely something.


9.  Phone free days. I've noticed recently that I'll just spend mindless time doing, literally nothing productive on my phone and that's something I'd like to leave behind in 2016. I'd like to experiment with having days when my phone is only used for calling/texting the absolute bare minimum (which isn't exactly 'phone free' but it's as good as it's gonna get :)). 


10.  Try a new sport. I always stick with playing the same old sports which is good to an extent, but I'd really like to try something new in 2017.

11.  Try a new class at the gym. My gym membership includes a whole bunch of classes of which I attend, on average, maybe 0.5 classes a week. I'd like to start taking advantage of the fact I've got access to these classes and try out some new ones in 2017!

So there's 11 of the things I'm aiming to tick off my list by the end of the next 365 days. Have you got any NY's resolutions? Leave a comment below! 

Thanks for reading,

Katie XO

P.S. This was the last post in my little lead up to the new year series! I hope you enjoyed it, any my next post will be up on Tuesday!