Bullet Journal Setup For 2017

Welcome back to the second post in this little 'Nearly New Year's' series! Today's post is my 2017 Bullet Journal (bujo) layout/setup and everything I've done so far in it. This is my first bullet journal post, but they've been a growing trend for quite a while now. That being said if you don't know what a bujo is, it's pretty much a notebook which you turn into a planner/journal that suits you.

Personally, I mainly use mine for planning/attempting to stay somewhat organised! I started my first bullet journal last year after learning about it on Pinterest. I used my 2016 bujo as an experiment more than anything and played around with a bunch of different ideas and 'spreads'/layouts. Most of the inspiration for these came from Pinterest and blogs, so I thought I'd add what I'm doing for my 2017 bujo to the mix!

If you're looking to start a bujo or are thinking about it, then hopefully this post is helpful, as it's how I've set my bullet journal up. The other thing is, I haven't completed all the pages yet, so I'm just going to type up anything that's missing, so there's no random, blank and awkward spaces! And lastly, before we start, a lot of the pages are quite decorative :) This is because I always have loads of inspiration at the beginning of the year, and since that's when I set my bullet journal up, the start of it looks a tonne more aesthetically pleasing than I'm sure it will at the end of the year! I guess what I'm saying is it ain't gonna look like this forever!

Starting with the notebook, which seems to be a key part of everyone's bujo posts...

The notebook has a chunky spiral bound, a clear pocket-y thing which closes securely at the front and a bit of elastic to go around and keep the book closed. I really like it, it's from Muji and was a lot cheaper than the typical Moleskin or Leuchtturm 1917 notebooks that everyone seems to go for! The only somewhat annoying thing, is that there's no ribbon/bookmark but I think I'm just gonna use stickies to combat this. Inside, the notebook is dotted although I think it came in squared and possibly other varieties too. Personally I love the notebook, I think the front pocket is really gonna come in handy and also, since the pocket's clear and there's a blank front, which is just a piece of card, you can pretty much design the cover of the notebook which I think'll be fun! That's an example of something I haven't gotten around to doing yet though!

Next up, we've got the annual calendar...

I decided to write the whole thing up whilst watching The Intern which, to be honest, is probably a bit of a waste of time, but I'm really pleased with how it turned out. You can see in the picture, how I've coloured in all the squares to make each month the same. This was after I got carried away and made February a leap year!

Over the page, we have the future log, the title to which, I need to remember to write!

So I forgot to take a photo of this before writing everyone's birthdays in. Anyway, that's what's under the pens and the reason I've only taken a photo of a few months. My future log spread takes up a grand total of three pages, all of which have the fancy little arrow design (Pinterest inspired). If you look closely, you'll notice only the January arrows are coloured in, that's because I was thinking I could pick a colour representing the month and colour it in as I'm drawing up my monthly spread. Not sure how that's gonna go, but we'll see.

The next page is my aspirations for the year/NY's resolutions. If you're wondering how I came up with them and am going to achieve them, you can read yesterday's 'How I'm making NY's resolutions I'll keep' post. Then on NY's eve, I'll be publishing a more detailed post on each of my aspirations/resolutions. Anyway, here's what the page looks like...

I haven't put in any school related ambitions yet, just because exam results here aren't released until the middle of January, so I want to wait until then to see what I really need to work on.

After this I've left four pages, one to track the number of NCEA credits I get (school stuff). Another to record the TV shows and movies I watch and possibly a rating for each of them, a page for books I read and a blank page in case I think of something else!

Then I've got a couple of December to-do lists which are really boring so I didn't bother taking a photo! After that though, is my January monthly spread.

You'll notice the colours coordinate with the arrows in my future log :) In 2016 I played around with a whole different bunch of monthly spreads and chose this one for January. The main reason for this is that in January I've only got one half day of school :) so I'm not really going to need to plan any school stuff. On the left-hand side, I've got bank holidays and I'll add birthdays and such later, then on the right-hand side, I've got my blog post plan. You'll see a few empty spaces here, where I'm stumped for ideas, so if there are any posts you'd like to see from me, please be sure to let me know!

If you're interested in setting up a bullet journal, you might want to look at the official bullet journal website. Alternatively, there's a tonne of awesome and inspirational boards on Pinterest, packed with bujo stuff!

That's all I've got for now! I hope you enjoyed this post, or a least found it helpful! Let me know if you're planning on using a bullet journal next year, and if so, what's your setup like? 

As always, thanks for reading

Katie XO