Evaluating My 2016 NY's Resolutions

This year has absolutely flown by and it's come around to the time where I'm sitting down and having a good 'ole think about what I want to achieve next year. Did I mention 2017's right around the corner? Anyway, as I was pondering every aspect of life and trying to figure what I actually, specifically, wholeheartedly want to improve at, I realised it would probably be wise to reflect on 2016's resolutions so I can what worked and what didn't.

Not gonna lie, I nearly forgot I'd written a post about them and then reading the post, I remembered: I spent like a solid half hour trying to tap out a decent post and stick with my gruelling blog schedule. In other words, I didn't think a whole lot about the resolutions. Anyway, let's jump in and see how I did.

The first resolution was to start blogging more. Before I get into that though, can we just mention how bad a resolution this was. I mean, it's not very specific for starters (what constitutes 'more'?), it's one of those things that I always just say :) and I had absolutely no action plan. So I guess it's hardly surprising that I don't think I achieved this one, at all. In fact, I'm pretty sure I blogged less in 2016 that 2015. Oops. That being said, blogging more is definitely something I want to achieve for a whole lot of reasons, most of which are detailed in my Why I Blog post.

Number two: use a planner for the whole year. I'm proud to say... this one actually happened :) The reason it happened, I put down to the use of a bullet journal which I'm gonna make a whole post about really soon.

Thirdly, I wanted to keep my school notes neat. I half did this... sort of... but in my mind it counts :) So I ended up just rewriting and summarizing everything which, and it sounds like a waste of time I know, ended up being really beneficial as it enabled me to recap all the little in my mind not so important things that I may've forgotten whilst just doing practice questions (or just forgotten!).

Last but not least, I wanted to do more with my time and I think that, for the most part, I've definitely done this. 2016's been a pretty busy year with sport, way too many extra-curricular's and, of course, school. Generally speaking, I think I've managed my time fairly well, though time management is definitely one of those things I think I'll be forever looking for ways to improve.

Overall, I achieved the majority of my badly thought out new year's resolutions for 2016 and I'm confident 2017's will be much better. I was actually thinking about writing a post all about how I'm coming up with my NY's resolutions/goals for next year so let me know if that's something you'd be interested in?

Anyway, thanks for reading,

Katie XO