How I'm Making NY's Resolutions I'll Keep

Hellooooo! I hope everyone had a great Christmas/festive period and congrats to everyone who managed Blogmas! Since I've been somewhat slacking here on the blog, I've decided to write a post a day until the new year (she says on the 28th of December) packed with content I'm super excited to write did I just give away that I haven't written it yet?

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So the first post is one that I promised in my last post (Evaluating My 2016 NY's Resolutions) and that is, how I'm going to make NY's resolutions that I'll actually see through. I don't know about you, but there's been quite a few years where I've made my list, forgotten what was on it by the time February rolled around and not managed to tick anything off. Sound familiar? In my last post, I analysed exactly what went wrong this time last year and am hoping that by reading this post, you'll avoid making the same mistakes I did!

First up- start early, aka, right now! In the past I've left thinking let alone writing down my resolutions until the 31st of December. Needless to say, they were poorly thought out and never got achieved. If you're reading this and it is the 31st of December, I'd recommend taking another week or so to really think through your NY's resolutions, they are, after all, going to set you up for the next 365 days. If you're thinking, but then the resolutions won't be for the new year, just remember, NY's resolutions are simply glorified goals, you can start whenever!

Secondly- make your resolutions! It might sound obvious but what your resolutions are, really determine whether or not you're going to actually achieve them. Here's some tips and tricks I implemented this year:

  • Divide all the different aspects of your life you want to work on into sections. For example, I've got- life, blog, school and fitness resolutions. This also helps the process of coming up with your resolutions as you've nearly defined what they're going to be.
  • Think about having multiple types of resolutions. Personally, I've got things I want to accomplish, for example, finish knitting a jumper and then I've got things I want to try out, like a new sport. 
  • Be realistic. I don't have, 'Write a blog post every day' on my list because it's not gonna happen, let's be honest. If you set goals you know you're not going to achieve within your set time frame (a year for the purpose of NY's resolutions), then really, what's the chances of you being able to tick them off. Now this isn't to say you should discount things that seem unrealistic. If we go back to the 'blog post a day' one, I could perhaps change this to a blog post a week. I'm keeping the consistency theme and the blogging one, but it's something I'd actually be able to do! And that's important.
  • Be specific. Let's go with the negative example again. Having 'Get fit' on your list isn't ideal. How are you going to 'get fit'? What's your definition of 'fit'? How are you going to determine whether or not you're 'fit'? See where I'm going with this? Having the resolution of 'be able to run 5km' would be a lot more specific and at the end of the year, if you can run non stop for 5km, you know you've achieved it.
Last but not least- write your resolutions down. I didn't do this last year, I just wrote a blog post, referred to it a couple of times, then forgot about it. This year, my NY's resolutions have a nearly front page place in my 2017 bullet journal (which they'll be a post about sometime in the next few days!). Here, they'll be frequently referred to when I'm flipping through, trying to find that page I forgot to bookmark... so ya know, it'll be a frequent thing. If a written planner isn't your thing you could make a graphic with your resolutions and set it as your screensaver, or maybe write them on a sticky note and stick it in a place you look at every day, like next to your toothbrush. The key here, is that your resolutions are so in-your-face, that you can't possibly forget about them.

I hope you've found this post useful, if you're struggling to come up with some resolutions, I'll be posting mine on new years eve so be sure to check back for that and also tomorrow cause they'll be a new post then :) Let me know in the comments what your resolutions are and how you're going to stick to them! I'm also going to be posting periodically throughout next year on how I'm going with my resolutions. So if you'd like to check in when I do, chuck your email in on the sidebar on the right, and you'll get an email everytime I post!

Thanks for reading,

Katie XO