Food I Want To Make

With the end of the school year and exams (which, yes, it was a while ago- I'm just getting around to this now!) something I always like to get back into is cooking and baking. For the entire year (only a very slight exaggeration), I've been eating the same old salad which I've written a post (here) about cause it's so good accompanied by a slice of carrot cake from the freezer (which I batch froze). Actually, scratch that, it was good, now I'm thoroughly sick of it and need a detox if I've got any chance of eating it for another school year!

So with me adamantly and stubbornly not eating what's been my go-to meal for the past nine months, I need something new, cause, ya know, food. This, and the fact I've been on the search for some easy and freezable (I shamelessly freeze everything) meals and just great tasting food in general, had led me to create 'The List'.

As ominous as it sounds (or is that just me?), 'The List', is all the recipes/foods/drinks/edible stuff that I want to make. So without further ado, here it is:
  • Lasagna- it's a staple really, which begs the question, why have I never made it? 
  • Muffins (chocolate chip)- so I made a massive batch of muffins at the start of the year which was a bit silly on my part as I'd never tried the recipe before. Long story short, I converted the units wrong and ended up with muffins which were only edible when dipped in Nutella. Oops.
  • Quiche- I've never really been a fan of quiche's, but I've recently got into protein muffins and quiches seem pretty similar. Anyway, my goal's to make a vegetable packed quiche 
  • Chocolate Mousse- I've tried before and failed, but after seeing it on The Great British Bake Off, I think Mary Berry has inspired me to give it another go!
  • Ice cream that isn't vanilla flavoured- I always always always make vanilla whenever I'm making ice cream. Which is great, to a certain extent, as it's something I've learnt to make quickly. However, it would be nice to experiment with some other flavours
  • Pizza- the dough and all! I'm always put off by the fact that you've got to leave it to rise and knead it etc. But, I made cinnamon rolls with a dough hook and it was surprisingly easy, so I've got no excuses for not attempting pizza
  • Nutella substitute- I'm pretty sure that Nutella isn't just hazelnuts and some sort of cocoa powder I'm too scared to look at the label, so I'd like to try making my own spread. Ideally, it'll still have the chocolate-ly goodness but just be a whole lot healthier
  • Flavoured water- so yes, this is probably the easiest 'recipe' out there but I tend to just throw lemon and maybe a bit of mint into my water and there are so many other combinations! They take approximately five seconds to make, so I don't know why I haven't tried them yet!
  • Baked Alaska- in my opinion, a bucket list item! So I'll confess, I made this one a week or so ago, and there's a post coming soon but I couldn't resist putting it on this list. The idea of putting ice cream, covered in meuringue or not, into the OVEN, always seemed daunting and, well, wrong to me. Regardless, check back soon to find out whether I ended up with a melted ice cream mess or not :)
  • Baked/grilled/BBQ'd bananas- ideally filled with chocolate I've made pan fried bananas and they were nice and all, but those recipes where you chuck the banana in foil and throw it on the BBQ for 10 minutes sound a lot easier! And there's no washing up :)
So that's it- all the recipes/meals I want to try out, ideally before 2017 is over! Are there any dishes you're looking to make? Leave them in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

Katie XO

P.S. I've changed up my blogging schedule again! I've decided to only post on Tuesdays and Sundays, purely because I've decided to put more focus on Instagram, and using it as a microblogging platform, that being said, feel free to leave your Instagram links!