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Helloooooo, so today's post is a little bit different in the sense that it's a tad more opinionated than most of what I put up on here. That being said, it's a post that I think could be helpful so please let me know if it is!

I guess I should probably start the post with what angle my view is coming from and that is, as someone with a relatively small blog. I was reading a post the other day (found on Pinterest!) that said Pinterest was the only platform worth focusing on for new bloggers.

To a certain extent, I think that advice is wise. If your sole focus is page views. A couple of weeks ago I put about an hour into Pinterest and managed to majorly increase my page views. In fact, my Bullet Journal Setup for 2017 post, almost instantaneously became my most popular post, gathering over 12 times more views than any other post I've written! All because I promoted it on Pinterest. That being said, that post didn't get a single comment.

When I promote posts on Twitter however, or if people find my blog link from another site, then the said post tends to get more engagement. I believe this is because Pinterest isn't a social media platform, it doesn't fall into the same category as Twitter, Instagram or even Facebook. In fact, if you asked me to group it with something, I'd be more inclined to say Google, Bing or maybe even Baidu. It's a search engine, it's how people discover useful content, not how they keep up with their favourite online creators.

I think this follows through to the fact that gaining followers on Pinterest is much much harder than Twitter or Instagram, because you're not really interacting with anyone. Think about it. When things pop up on your Pinterest feed or you search for things, you're not really looking for anyone specific (bar the times when you know the link you're about to click on). People will still find and engage with your pins, even if you don't have thousands and thousands of followers. If you're on Pinterest chances are your not searching for 'food blogs' but rather 'ice cream recipes', right?

Personally I really don't think of Pinterest as a social media platform, it's a place to find things. It stands out from search engines by enabling smaller websites to shine. Group boards don't really compare to anything Google has to offer yet they enable you to circulate your content. Likewise, you don't have to tweet the link to your blog post a million times, because Pinterest will distribute it for you.

The other thing about Pinterest is how visual it is. Given that more and more people are turning to YouTube, as opposed to blogging, it's easy to see the prevalence of the trend in visual platforms. Pinterest offers this in a way search engines don't and I think that's definitely a positive standout feature.

All that being said though, I think Pinterest is best used in conjunction with social media platforms. It offers something they don't but at the same time, it's missing the social aspect. So currently, as a blogger, I'm using Pinterest, Twitter, Bloglovin and Instagram. I think they've all go something unique to offer soif you'd like to hear my thoughts on any of the other platforms, let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading,
Katie XO

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