The Best Berry Smoothie

You might remember a while back, quite a while back, I wrote a post featuring my Berry Smoothie Recipe. I've been making the said smoothie on a regular basis since then and the other day, I realised that I've changed a lot. I wrote that post nearly three years ago wow and since then I've tried to make the smoothie a lot healthier. I've also made some changes that make it taste so much better!

I considered just updating the last post but I'm not a massive fan of doing that purely because I like to look back on older posts to see how far this blog has come. Anyway, here's the new recipe- the Berry Smoothie 2.0!

I like to use a Nutribullet to blend everything up, but as long as you've got a decently strong blender, the recipe should work for you! That being said, if your blenders not so strong, leave out the almonds, you don't want chunks of nuts in between mouthfuls!

1 frozen banana to make the drink creamy and cold
1/2 cup frozen berries because it is a berry smoothie... you can use whatever berries you prefer, I normally go for a mix
1/2 cup greek yoghurt (optional) for protein 
250 ml/ 1 cup soy milk (approx) you just need to fill it up to the blend line... personally I find soy milk makes it taste much nicer than normal (cow) milk, but whatever floats your boat
1 handful of rolled oats (optional) to make the smoothie more filling
1 Tablespoon of chia seeds (optional) because they're good for you and you can't taste them, what's better than that?
1 handful of almonds (optional) again, they're healthy but don't put too many in unless you want a very nutty taste
1 teaspoon of honey (to taste) because it beats sugar

Not sure this really justified a 'method' but just chuck it all in the blender and blend!


  • Put the soy milk in before the chia seeds, otherwise they'll stick to the side and be a pain to clean
  • The measurements don't really matter- they're just guidelines. I always 'eyeball it'!
  • To make it vegan take out the yoghurt and switch the honey for maple syrup/leave it out
  • For a smoothie bowl, just put enough soy milk in so that it blends. This way it'll be super thick and you'll be able to eat it with a spoon!

That's it! The smoothie is incredibly easy to make and great to make as a breakfast on the go! Let me know if you try out the recipe and if so how you find it!  

Thanks for reading,

Katie XO

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