The Evolution of ZZANDH

2017 marks my fifth year of blogging and I thought it would be nice to do a post showing how my blog's changed over time. The main aspect I'll be covering is the design, purely because it's changed so much!

Starting off with when I began blogging way back in 2013. My first blog post that is currently up on the site is my "Top 10-Books" post. It comes to a grand total of 81 words and doesn't contain a single photo!

Unfortunately, when I started this whole blogging thing, I never took a photo of my original blog design, but I'm pretty sure, it was just one of those default blogger templates. Also back in 2013, ZZANDH was called 'Forever Sparkling 95', not sure why, that's just what my younger self came up with! Come 2014, we had something along the lines of 'Teen Sew-er' except, the dash wasn't there and 'Teen Sewer' wasn't exactly great for SEO.

After that, the blog split into two. Not sure why, I could hardly maintain one blog, how on earth was I going to manage two? Regardless, in 2014 I had a sewing blog and an everything else blog. The everything else blog, was called 'Just Poached'. Now I was going for just ready or just made as in a poached egg. However, poached sounds like you're stealing an animal and that's the way Google saw it too. This was the first (awful) blog design I had with that poor choice of blog name:

The header made in MS Paint :)
The next 'Just Poached' design was this one:

It's marginally better, but I clearly didn't know how to centre a blog header :)
Needless to say, 'Just Poached' had to go and I finally settled on 'Zig-Zags and Habiliments'. Zig-zags, for the lifestyle part of the blog and habiliments (a fancy word for clothes) for the sewing and fashion part.

I decided I was going to stop chopping and changing my domain name by locking myself in and purchasing one! So is where we're at. I've done a tonne of variations on Zig-Zags and Habiliments' over the years but I think my favourite is definitely ZZANDH. That being said, my domain expires at the end of 2017, so we'll see if I still like it then!

The first ZZANDH design was this pink one. I don't have a shot of the full site but just imagine the header and rest of the site combined :)

They're the last photos I've got of my blog design up until now, but as you can see, things. have. changed.

The content of my blog's definitely improved over the years as well as my coding knowledge! The current website design was all done by me and I'm really happy with the colour scheme and layout at the moment. 

My next focus, design wise, is to make the site more mobile friendly. Since I've started focusing on Pinterest to advertise ZZANDH, I've noticed the tides have changed, and the majority of my views now come from mobile devices. Which I guess was inevitable really, I just didn't realise the day would come so soon! The other day I checked to see how my blog looked on my phone and let's just say, I need to do some work on that! Let me know if you've got any tips or posts on making a website mobile friendly!

Content wise, I like to think the posts I put up now have a bit more substance (they average nearly 10 times more words than when I first started blogging!) and are more informative and useful for you. That's also something that I'm really working on for 2017- making my blog posts helpful and worth the two minutes you take out of your busy day to read them!

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed this post and found it interesting! I've loved every letter? of my blogging journey so far and although it definitely hasn't been great consistency wise, I look forward to seeing what the future holds for ZZANDH!

Thanks for reading,
Katie XO

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